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About US With a collective experience of 150 Years in the field of process improvement to help current business needs with the past analytical data. Our client services based on the business needs designed to the specific requirement. The result is an organization uniquely qualified to take up any assurances services, whatever your industry. Over the last 2 decades we have been specializing in Systems & Operations Audit and Management Consultancy. Our team consists of Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Software Experts, Engineers and Information systems auditors, which enables us to deliver to and beyond the expectations of our clients and propel them to achieve their organizational goals and objectives.

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What Makes
Astral Unique?

Astral has over 30 years of specialization in Internal Audit/Operations Audit. The organisation has consciously focused on Cost Reduction and Process Excellence which has resulted in substantial benefits to all the stakeholders.

The well documented audit methodology that the company rigorously adopts is in line with the international best practices. Personnel with excellent knowledge base and audit experience to conduct information technology security and controls audit is a great advantage.

The team has developed more than 1500 risks and controls for process and 2500 + risks and controls information systems security. All audits are done through the computers and not around the computers. Best audit tools are available wiht the team and are usually customised to fit the needs.

Astral adopted certain standard and international procedures much before anyone in the region did so. Needless to say, even today Astral is approached by renowned consulting firms for the possibillity of joint ventures and tie ups. It is a combination of multiple, unique and personal examples that truly depicts how diferent Astral is !